Constraining Free Speech Under the Guise of Harrassment

I was going to write about science today, but something came to my attention this morning that has appalled me.

A response to a video calling for the banning of socialism gets banned.

I know of a vlogger, Sequester Zone, who makes videos about philosophy and is one of the rare educated commentators on youtube. He started vlogging because of the dire lack of sound philosophical education on youtube. One of the alternatives, a Rocking Mr E with over 6,500 subscribers (at this time), presents philosophy and political tutorial type vlogs that are often littered with incorrect facts and an obvious misunderstanding of philosophical fundamentals and ideologies. These misunderstandings and factual inaccuracies are being passed on to his audience.

I have listened to a number of Rocking Mr E videos and although I find some of the things he says repugnant and although it erks me that he exhibits a misunderstanding of certain philosophical ideas, I’m totally fine with him having the freedom to do that. I worry about the confusion and miseducation he is creating, but I’m fine with him having the freedom to do what he wants. And, seeing other vloggers pointing out his errors and trying to educate the youtube community provides me with a certain feeling of relief knowing that any miseducation is being pointed out and corrected.

Until this morning.

It came to my attention that Sequester Zone has had a number of his videos deleted on the basis of harassment. These videos were of a series on Rocking Mr E for the purposes of bringing to people’s attention the incorrect information publicized by that channel and correcting it. Aptly called Bad Philosophy with Rocking Mr E. I understand how it could appear to be harassment by having a whole video series dedicated to one person. However, this series of videos was simply a response to the original video series on philosophy put out there by Rocking Mr E and was done in order to ensure the youtube audience were being educated appropriately with respect to philosophical and related political ideologies. Sequester Zone actually has an academic background in philosophy. If incorrect information is being propagated by a youtube channel, isn’t it the right thing to do to point it out and correct it?

The last video which seems to have prompted this banning of the Sequester Zone Bad Philosophy series was a response to one created by Rocking Mr E on banning socialism. You can listen to his video here and, hopefully, be as repulsed as I was at some of the things he says. While the response to this video by Sequester Zone included some name calling at the end, when Sequester Zone lost his composure when faced with such hatred and hypocrisy being propounded by Rocking Mr E, it was no where near as bad as some of the comments I see out there. There are many vlogs out there where repeated profanity, such as b*tch, c*nt etc. are used in response to the opinions of other vloggers on various subjects. The name calling in the Sequester Zone videos came no where close to this. No where near. Yet, Sequester Zone’s videos have been deleted.

So, does calling someone out on being a hypocrite and highlighting their misunderstanding of certain ideologies mean that the whole video series should be expunged? If we can’t correct people and draw inaccuracies to people’s attention for fear of upsetting them, how do we educate?

How is it that someone who is propagating misunderstanding and miseducation with some, what appears to be, real hatred of certain ideologies allowed to keep making videos on youtube with no recompense? Yet, someone trying to correct the false information and push against such hatred ends up having his videos removed? Did youtube even compare the content of the two channels? Or can those who hate socialism just cry harassment to have those socialist-friendly videos removed?

Again, a response to a video calling for the banning of socialism gets banned. It appears the banning of socialism is already in process.

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