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Here I am! I’m here!! Finally!!!!


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Bench Monkee makes it on set…

Bench Monkee makes it on set...

After exploding and malting some weeks ago… Bench Monkee is finally ready and filming begins.


Bench Monkee Begins!

 The moment you’ve all been waiting for… your host is here! Let me introduce, for the first time, Bench Monkee.


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Exploding Puppet Disaster

You know when you have one of those days where your puppet is just about ready to start filming and you’re all excited that you might get to upload something to YouTube, but then stuffing explodes out of the side of the monkee’s face? I just had two of these sorts of days, each involving unpicking, de-stuffing, re-sewing, re-stuffing and a lot of cursing. To add insult to injury, I have made the most terrible decision in regard to the stuffing I selected. If you ever make a puppet or teddy bear yourself, do not use SynFeather stuffing. I ordered it because it’s supposed to be great for creating firm shapes but it sticks everywhere! It’s migrated to every room, it’s in my bed, in my pants… everywhere. My house currently looks like a giant with a bad case of dandruff danced by. I even got home from work yesterday, which was a day in itself where my workplace was surrounded by SWAT teams (see here and here), only to embrace my partner and find that he and his beard were also covered in this stuff.

Since I will be moving in four days and am currently surrounded by empty boxes that need filling with everything I own, now also covered in the stuffing that will never go away, I will not be uploading anything to YouTube yet. I am so sorry for those of you I know were looking forward to seeing the puppet and checking out my channel. I will be back in touch once I’ve settled down at the new pad and I am no longer being tormented by my ill choice of stuffing.

Until then, take care and beware any white synthetic stuffing, it looks friendly but it will suffocate you while you sleep.


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