benchmonkee_avatar_face2I am Bench Monkee, a monkee with a PhD in science and an attraction to lab benches with smelly chemicals and pipettes. Currently, I work as a research scientist at a top research University in the United States. I’m saying this, not just because it’s true, but in the hopes that makes you find me credible because not many monkees hold positions at top universities… well, actually, come to think about it…  

I’m here because I want everyone to understand and love science as much as me, for what it is, as a tool to understanding how some of the things in this amazing universe work. There are some crazies out there that believe science can be used to answer everything, it can not and sometimes I will discuss why. Alternatively, there are people that deny scientific evidence, especially when it comes to climate change, vaccinations and evolution; I won’t be staying quiet on this subject either. Finally, I’ve also become aware of how important education in ethics is having had to deal with students and ethical breeches in the past.

So here, in my small corner of the interwebs, I will discuss many things related to science not limited to scientific ethics, laboratory standards of practice, and the clarification of scientific terminology, as well as general biological and chemical topics of interest. If you have a question about science, ask away and I’ll try to answer. If not, follow me for more of my monkee ramblings. 

Love to you all, my monkee fiends!

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