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Sequester-Induced Stats Soar and Severed Limbs

So, Sequester Zone mentions me on YouTube and my readership stats go crazy. Thank you all for coming to visit my blog and check out what this Bench Monkee thing is all about. 

As SZ mentioned in his video (The Mismeasure of Man Criticisms), we are having landlord issues at the moment so my original plans to launch on March 28th have been sidetracked. I will be trying to upload something on that day, unfortunately not the episode I’d originally planned, which was going to be about the scientific method and recent discussions that have occurred about retiring certain concepts, such as falsifiability. One of my previous entries was about this, if that sort of thing interests you. So, although the episode I’d planned will not be ready, I will upload something, even if all I get to do is a small intro vid so you guys can get to meet Bench Monkee. 

As a reward for stopping by my blog, I give you pictures… of severed limbs and eye balls… eek! Actually, this pile of hairy body parts is Bench Monkee, pre-assembly, who will be the superstar of the channel (one hopes). Hope to be entertaining you soon on YouTube, until then, ttfn. :(|)


Demonstration of my eye ball painting abilities…


The parts that would be Bench Monkee.




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Bald No More! Fur Arrives!

Bald No More! Fur Arrives!

Almost two months to go, to the day, until my channel launch and lots of things have suddenly arrived all at once! Mucho excitement my monkee fiends! We now have the fur samples, the eyes and all my stuffing to make me nice and shapely. After many, many examinations and swatch combinations it has now been settled… I will be chocolatey brown with a dash of sandy beige.

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Exciting News of YouTube Channel Launch

On March 28th, I plan to launch my channel on YouTube. The star of the channel will of course be me, Bench Monkee! I thought it would be fun to keep a log of the progress as we approach the launch date, sharing some fun stories and photos along the way. Except for the awesome news of this upcoming channel, I’ve not got much to share today. All I will say is, I’m anxiously waiting on some new fur samples so I can look glam in time for my debut in front of the cameras.


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